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    Today’s population is becoming more and more aware of the dangers of using pesticides and fungicides on crops. Farmers are seeing how inefficient it really is to utilize chemicals on their crops. The harder times a chemical is utilized over a plant the species will end up immune to mit. This makes it a growing number of harmful for farmers and dangerous to consumers when new chemicals are manufactured.

    Fortunately, a Dutch firm called Clean Light is promoting a way to use UV light to kill fungi and pests. It was considered that the UV light would harm guarana as well as the fungi but Clean Light has found that a tiny dosage of UV will not harm the plant but still get rid of the fungi. The merchandise is shown to work with a number of crops including cucumbers, potatoes, tomatoes, ornamental flowers and others. The UV light kills bacteria, fungi and viruses around the plants. This cleans the plant to ensure no harmful chemicals are widely-used. Clean Light has patents pending in 44 countries around the globe.

    Clean Light has designed systems that really work inside greenhouses in addition to open field crops. To the open field, the lights would be attached to tractors that drive on the crops and expose the crops towards the light. Also the UV light is just a curative solution and does not prevent fungi from growing. There have been chemicals that were proven not to be as bad for our body, but are not used anymore since the plants have become immune. Together with the introduction of the Clean Light technology, the plants would not be capable to develop immunity. This implies farmers could go back to while using safer chemicals and being economical on chemicals, until they could completely eliminate the use of chemicals on the products. To be able to take away the usage of chemicals a producer must expose the plants on the UV light to three times a week. This can be utilized as somebody with many in the safer chemicals to make equilibrium to ensure protection.

    The machines are produced by partner companies including Berg Products, DUBEX, and Clean Greens. After the wind turbine, the machines just use a modest amount of electricity to scrub the plants. The reduced quantity of UV light the guarana plant are designed for limits the quantity of energy it takes to eliminating the fungi. Clean Light has sold a limited quantity of machines that affix to tractors for outdoor crops. The firm hired outside help develop an automatic system for easier use on major farms. This method will definitely cost nearly 40,000 Euros which can be almost $60,000. Even though this appears like a lot of cash there’s a plethora of farms which can be large enough that this isn’t that big of your investment. This innovation brings healthy benefits to consumers while cutting costs for producers.

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